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Saut de Puces à Saint-Ouen, livre de Jean Bedel, aux Editions d'art Monelle Hayot. Les photos anciennes de saint-ouen présentent Saut de Puces à  Saint Ouen, Jean Bedel, dans son livre raconte l'Histoire des Puces, des Récupérateurs d'objets anciens,

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Le Monde du Voyage
110 R. des Rosiers - Paris St-Ouen

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The Hermès Birkin




Jane Birkin started her career as actress in England but it has been in France that she has lived and worked for most of her life. She married the "bad boy" of 1960s French music Serge Gainsbourg, sang on several of his records including "Je t'aime... Moi non plus"
and the French people took her to their hearts.

In 1984 she was on a plane and was struggling with a large tote bag, filled with all the things she needed to carry for her small daughter, Charlotte. Next to her was the President of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermès. Inevitably they started talking about the fact that nice handbags were never big enough to suit the needs of a young mother. During the flight they designed a bag which would fit the bill - the Birkin was born.